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⚡Save $2.00 on all items>> CODE: KIWI2
⚡Save $2.00 on all items>> CODE: KIWI2
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As the admin and founder of the largest VR Facebook group, KIWIdesign is our first choice because of their amazing quality and diverse product line.

Eric Masher

Innovating the VR Accessories Industry, KIWIdesign's products are top quality, built to last and a must have for any VR Enthusiast!

Kie Bennett

KIWIdesign not only creates amazing "out of the box" products, but high quality ones too. From grips to facial interfaces, their designs are amazing!!!

Nick Quinn

I've found KIWIdesign consistently produces great VR products at reasonable prices. I definitely recommend them!

Ty Hurd

If you are looking for best accessories for quest, then just stop and buy them from KIWIdesign, you will not be disappointed! I guarantee it.

Martin Masar

I can honestly say that KIWIdesign produce some of the best available accessories for the Oculus Quest 2.

Arnookie Russell

I go to KIWIdesign whenever I buy something I think they will have. they are a great company with great quality.

Kathy Wilkinson

The KIWIdesign Elite Strap is easily the most comfortable headstrap I've ever tried! All their other products are top notch.

VR Heaven